Biostatistics Services

At ClinWin DataTrix Limited, we apply mathematics, statistics, and data to biology. How? we collect, analyze, and summarize the data we collect during our biological research to draw conclusions in the areas of medicine and agriculture. We also contribute to the design and execution of research studies in collaboration with other statisticians and scientists.

Quantitative methodologies:

Statistical Analysis and results interpretation (R, STATA and SAS)

Big Data Presentation

Data Science

Statistical software training consultancy

Our IT Services

Azure Services

DataTrix delivers Microsoft Azure cloud services that set you on the right path. Whether you’re looking to create a multi-cloud strategy to diversify your cloud environment or only need one platform, we devise a strategy that is most suitable for your business. .You choose the cloud deployment scenario that is right for you – be it a public, private, or hybrid cloud. We focus on the following;

IT Infrastructure

It’s time to see your IT infrastructure as more than just a necessary operational cost. When properly leveraged, your IT infrastructure fosters time and cost efficiency, mobilizes your workforce and automates tasks that would otherwise necessitate expensive, highly-skilled talent. But as technology advances and remote workplace expectations evolve, infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, difficult and costly to manage. We can help.

Modern Workplace

Implement digital workplace solutions to help your team work together securely, from anywhere, on any device. Create a dynamic and connected environment that fosters creativity and spurs innovation

We will help you create your digital workplace with:

IT security

We provide IT security and compliance solutions as well as helps build, improve, and maintain your secure environment. Our work includes:

Managed IT services

ClinWin DataTrix provides traditional support, monitoring, and Managed IT services, as well as ‘as a service’ technology support, all at a predictable monthly subscription rate and customized to your unique business needs. Complete Coverage for a Fixed Monthly Cost

Receive complete coverage + continuous delivery as needed with the flexibility to support various technologies as your business needs changes. All for a fixed monthly cost. Reduce costs by 40% and increase reliability. Innovate with speed while reducing overall business risks.

How can Managed IT Services impact my business:

Data Management

DataTrix helps you in: