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We are a CRO specialized in offering statistical, data science, data management, IT, and training services, based in Nairobi, Kenya

ClinWin DataTrix Limited

If you have a data problem, we will be your solution.

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Our services include:


ClinWin DataTrix Limited helps you identify the best way to deploy resources to treat populations. 

Data Science

We use scientific methods, processes, to extract knowledge insights from structured and unstructured data.

IT Security

We provide IT security and compliance solutions as well as helps build, improve, and maintain your secure environment.

Data Management

Ate you finding it difficult managing your data?  At Clinwin DataTrix Limited, we can help you in managing your data.

Are you struggling with Data Processing & Management?

At ClinWin DataTrix Limited, we help you by offering statistical, data science, data management, IT, and training services.

ClinWin DataTrix Limited

Data Processing and Management.

Why Choose ClinWin DataTrix!

Experienced Personnel

At ClinWin DataTrix Limited, we have experienced personnel who will help you with your data problems.

Trusted with our customers.

We are trusted by our customers. At ClinWin DataTrix Limited have proven to master the knowledge of the services we offer.

Well knowledgeable in data process and management

After working in the field for a number of years, we are an experienced company with enough knowledge on the field.

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